Saturday, October 18, 2008

Hey there Readers!

Sorry if i kept you guys waiting, still thank you for being patient.
I hate impatient bitches. Yes, just so you know.
A lot has been happening but do you think I would want to post everything?
Yup, you though right. NO. I've been very lazy.
One of the reasons why I took such a long time to get a new blog done.

School was awesome yesterday.
Khaliesa and I cut class and yes, walked around school.
We did stuffs that we weren't suppose to do, but who cares.
I wouldn't wanna post the whole thing that happened cause it's EXTREMELY LONG.

So, yea. I was online till like around 10.50 cause Mama was already making noise.
Well, that night I was chatting with my dearest Farez aka PALI !
He's really like a brother of mine and I miss him so much. Yes, awfully much!
So, I invited him to attend our Graduation on the 8th.
But, he was afraid he'd be lonely though I told him to bring anyone along.
So, yea if he is going to attend, I'll meet up with him first.
So yea, I'll post part of our LONG convo from 8.40-10.50p.m.

Yupp, that's it. ABANG Pali oh ABANG Pali, if you're reading this.. Here's for you.
Thank you so much for staying with me till I went offline.
I know, you know that we know that I miss you so much ;D
Obviously, I really do. We have to meet up soon ! Like, real soon!
Then, take me out like before and BLANJE me kay?
-You know that Iloveyou (:

NOW, lets talk about today.

1. Full Dress Rehearsal for Dedication/ Graduation.
2. Had to sing school songs 5 times. -SICKENING MAYNE.
3. Wacthed moview during MT.
4. Lost paper Mdm Tan gave me.
5. Walked around the whole school to search for it.
7. Joined Mr Izehar's class and all ended up at the Hall.
8. Boys&Girls clan sat together, played and boys got scolded.
9. I had to own up for something I didn't do wrong.
10. Thought we were going to be shouted at but we thought wrong.

I have to say, the whole clan are BIG TROUBLEMAKERS !
Oh yea, on the 15th!
Whoever that'll be going, msg/txt/tell ME !
If I'm not wrong are all 25 of us going?
You guys gotsa tell kay? I gotta confirm how man people going.
Psst.. I'll be bring my little young FAFUL along. (He changed his name)

Graduation/ Dedication in 3 days time.
Can't wait. :D !


Btw, guys for now I won't have my tagbox.



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