Saturday, November 29, 2008


Hey Readers!
Well, I'll post about the time of my life time(so far).

Woke up early in the morning and then met Khaliesa at Phoenix Station at arnd 9.40am. Soon, we met the Blueberry Team. Alighted at Pending and took a 966 all the way to East Coast. Since I was feeling unwell, I threw out in the bus. Shitzxzsxz. I know. But no biggy actually. Thanks girl for carrying my stuffs though the wasn't really a need to(:

What happened in the bus:

Meet Syaza & Huda when they don't want to take pics. Haha.
When we arrived & were at the tunnel:

Girlfriends love.

Alighted & we had to walk so far to the pit. It was like totally far. To make it worst, it was so hot. The first thing we did was to take out our shoes and yeaa, run around the beach like a maniac. Huda was the craziest. She was jumping over the waves like serious mad people. HAHAH. Joking lah bebhy!

This was the other stuffs we did :
(I'll let the pictures do the talking)

Diyana, Kid, Fana(me), Elina & Huda.

Fana(me), Kid & Elina.

A I-am-so-not-ready-jump-shot.

Oh wait, now then you jump. ;P

Yippee ! Up up and away!

Syaza, Kid & I. (Why was I standing so far?)

Elina, Khaliesa, Fana(me) and Ira(:
Huda, Syaza, Fana(me) & Khaliesa(:

Elina & Kid. Photographer: ME!
I love her mann! Khaliesa^^

Khaliesa & I. Awesome pic!

And yeaa! Syaza(the sweetest thing) (: ^^

We went cycling and all. Gerek! No jokee. The the other 'group' went off to go skiing. We didn't care. So what?! If they came just to insult us, then go home. PFFT. -.- Whatever uh. They then came bck but only the boys, Syafiee, Izwan & Iqram was there. I was sitting at the huge rock alone when suddenly Syafiee came. We just talked. Then Iqram & Izwan came & then Kid & Elina came. We just talked.

At around 7pm the 'others with her family' came'. They asked the boys whether they wanted to go home with them or us. We don't care. We don't mind if you wanna go home with them.. No biggy. Then, the boys decided to go home with us. (Tau pun nk balik ngan kite org).. So yea.

All of us Khaliesa, Syaza, Elina, Syafiee, Izwan, Iqram & I were sitting at the huge rock. From arnd 7.30 to 8.30.. We were looking at the awesome view.. The boys who were sitting beside me to the right were eatting Pee-nuts. AND harassed us by throwing those at us girls. Ya think we'd just sit there and sulk? We took pee-nuts an threw it back at them. Hahaha.

Night pictures:

Look at the boys behind-.-

Not to forget, there was a rat. Omg. Us girls were already standing and the boys were like sitting there as if nothing gonna happen. I tried to calm down knowing that there are 3 hunks beside me. HAHAHAHA.

Then, Syafiee & Iqram went home and left Izwan the only guy. Since we were bored. We rented two 2 seater bike. Syaza was with Khaliesa & I was with Izwan. Izwan brought me to the dark2 place. It was totally dark and he scare me. We nearly lost our way. Then, all four of us went very very very very very far from the pit. Then, Khaliesa & Syaza u-turned & went back to the pit. Izwan brought me to the jetty. The view there was amazing!

I owe Izwan a lot. He brought me far to the jetty. && he was the only one cycling.. Thank you. Though he was tired, perspiring.. He brought me far enuf to the jetty. Thank you a lot(:

All for now.



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