Monday, November 10, 2008

Dedication/ Graduation Post

8th Nov.
Graduation/Dedication Day.

Early in the morning I already had calls & msges from friends.
11.45, I got out of the house with Abng & Fakhrul with Papa sending us along.
Firstly, I met Atikah Fadil and got her into the car.

After that, I met the other girls.
Meet Mama for awhile & then went to our respective classes.
I nearly forgot but did give Dearest Farez a msg.
Unfortunately, I didn't realize that he called AND msg. Shit.
1.40, we started everything.

Everyone looked Fab, okay maybe not everyone.
The performance I loved most was Mi Yeon's. Her's was dope!
Sabrina & I kept screaming our lungs out. Haha.
Some were trying to be sarcastic. Yea, good idea.

After the whole thing, all off us had food.
The food that we had were umm.. 'unusual'. Heh.
Well we took pictures, lotsa of em'..

After the whole thing, we thought of taking a pic of the whole clan.
But, some had to go home and this.. and that.. and.. Yea.


The fun thing was that I got to meet, Keira, Mrs Sia's daughter!
AND Ms Zuhrah! She's just like my own sister (:

At around 4.oo, My family & I went to Nenek's house.
We sent stuffs and ended up there for like .. A very long time.
Then, we got a call from Umi saying that Abng Noor joined the Subaru Impreza Challenge!
WOOO! We were like so happy for him..

After our Maghrib prayers, around 10mins later, we went to Takasyimaya, Ngee Ann City, to meet Abng Noor.
Abang Shiddiq, my abg sedare, joined us as he wanted to meet Abng Noor too.
When we were finally there, we were trying to spot Abng Noor. Finally, Papa did.
Papa, Fakhrul & I stood on the ower part of the bar, and did this crazy wave.
Haha. And yay, he saw us. We were ike give him this continuous support.
Out of 400 people, only 36 people are stand AND abang Noor is one of the 36!
I might be dropping by Town tmrw after sch, to show him how much I support him as a cousin.

*Pictures will be uploaded tmrw.

Abang Noor, you know you can do it! For all of us! Just think of how it'll be when you're the last one standing! You're get the Subaru Impreza that's worth $68000! You have all my support and I want you to know. I'll try to come down tmrw, even if I need to be in my sch uniform! And if you're the last one standing. You forget to get me a ride on the car.




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