Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hello Mellow.

Hey Readers.
It was barely a day today. Nothing much happened.
Watched television and more television.
Since the hols started, and each day seems so.. typical.
You do the same thing over & over again.
That's why I'm looking forward to Syaza'z BBQ Pit on the 26th.
Sadly, I wouldn't be overnight-ing.
I am sure that it'll be awesomeeee.
I need the girls a lot. Not a want but a NEED.
Okay, I've told this to Khaliesa & now its time for the clan to know.
I'll be opening an official blog site for the clan.
So, though we'll be going our own ways, we can still keep in touch.
So, lets say all of us would like to meet up or someone decided a reunion or something.
Message me and I'll post it out to let the whole clan know.
And yea, any messages that you would want to dedicate to all of us, just message me.
I'll post it up to let the clan know how much you miss, love em'..
It'll be a website for us to stay together and show some lovee.
Still, I need YOUR pictures, yea all the 25 of us.
Send me thru via Hotmail or msn, if not i'll just grab it from friendster.
Okey Dokey.


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