Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hello Readers.
Well, I thought of not posting this picture yesterday.
But, whatever other people are gonna say, it won't stop me.

9 long years of friendship.( A pic taken by Kid & Elina)-who had nthg better to do.

So, yea. A pic of my Irreplaceable Childhood Friend & I. We've been friends since Pre-School. A total of 9years of friendship. The longest friend I knew since. I just don't understand why some people just don't get it. Y'knw, some just misunderstand.. He's just one of those very close guy friends of mine. What's so wrong of just hanging out/ talk or even sit beside a guy friend? Its becoming so hard to make a decision just because of some people. Some just want to crack your head and it really makes it hard to say one fcuken word. && to these bustards, he's just a friend, if you want me to stay away from him. I will.. Cause we're just friends & nothing more..

Still, he'll be my Irreplaceable Childhood Friend.


I'll be out soon.
Just have to wait for Papa to come home.

Btw, to all girlfriends.
Wanna go out ?
1st Dec, Causeway ?
Anything, holla me !



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