Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey! Ho!

A pic that was taken on the last day of school in my T&F jack.

Hello Humans :D
Today Morning, before I woke up.
Mama shook me and told me that she had to go to NIE.
Since I was half asleep, u went 'uh' then she gave me a kiss before going off.
When I woke up, I glad that I woke up at 10.20 cause I'm an early wake er.
At whatever time I sleep, I will still wake up at 8.00am, or latest 9.00am.
So, I was like so glad that for once I woke up at 10.20. Haha.
Before I headed to the toilet, I saw a note in my Report Book.
Took it out and read it, before I even read 1/4 of it I was already crying.
Mama left me this note that was so.. I have no idea how to describe it.
Though I didn't get the results I was hoping for, I'm still glad.
Praises to Allah.

After bathing, Fakhrul & I played with bubbles since we were the only ones at home.
Haha. Firstly, we filled the basin with bubbles and did a sculpture.
I thought of taking a pic of it but I had no idea where the camera was.
After that, we made bubbles of our own.
So, the next time, we don't have to buy bubbles, we just make to make our own! ;P

At around 4.oopm, Fakhrul started doing his homework.
Mama bought him this books(like assessment books) and he has to do it.
Fakhrul was independent enough to do it tho' I didn't tell him to do so.
I'm glad that for a 5yr old, he's intelligent in his way..

When Mama came home, she bought for me chocolates. YAYYYYY.
One thing that I can't wait to do most: S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G !
And yes one more : The need to meet my gf's and get more huggys (:

Here I go again..

Thank You Mama, Papa, Friends, Teachers & to those who were concern, those who asked: Syaieqah! & Kak Fira! AND to the dudes who came to support me: Taib! Talib! Hani! ^^ Those not mentioned but did;smiles:D

Mad love, Bye!


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