Thursday, November 13, 2008

Honours Day

Today was extremely hectic yet thrilling.

Again, for 4 years, I have got an Outstanding Award for Track&Field.
T&F has been something that's extremely special in me.
I have to say without the guidance of Mdm Nerwati in T&F I wouldn't be what I am today.
I will miss all my Juniors. The times we had together means a lot to me.
Though I only spent a year with my Juniors, they all mean so much.
Ya'll were there to cheer me up during competitions and we went thru' trainings together.
Ya guys may irritate me at times still I'll miss all of you.
I hope that without me next year and with your new captain(whoever it'll be)..
You guys will still Rock the T&F gang.


Well, that's my boyfriend: Bobbehfieer.
Hah. So, ya guys feel for my 'I-so-have-a-boyfriend' .
HAHAHA. Some peps did.
Obviously I don't .



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