Monday, November 17, 2008

Its gonna be great.

Good Morning Readers!
Cntdwn : 2more days till the big thang.
Omg D: Can you believe it?
Somehow its like in a blink of an eye you're actually gonna leave the sch.
So, to my friends & the clan..
Lets don't be too stressed out alright ?
You know you did awesome & just pray hard you'll get awesome results too (:
Lyani called me yesterday & asked if I wanted to go out today.
Unfortunately, I couldn't cause..
1. I have to take care of Fakhrul as said.
2. I have to wait till the result is out.
But, I'm sure that there'll be mad excitement after results.
1. Syaza booked a pit on the 26th & 27th. Great.
2. 1st Dec, I'll be watching a movie with a special friend.
3. There'll be a stop until any of my friends ask me out.-.-
4. MY CHALET !!!! Its gonna be AWESOME, i tell you.
But only those chosen will be allowed to come.
But, DEFINITELY, the whole clan of 25 is invited !!
I have planned everything out but will not reveal it now.
Cause maybe its too early and it's gonna be a surprise.
The clan will have the besterest time before we'll go our separate ways.
Hehehe. I am sure ya guys will be excited when I tell ya what it is.
:D *spastic grin*
Oh yea, my birthday's kinda close.
1mnth & 12days left.
If you're asking when..
Its 1st January people!
I don't ask for presents, really.
I just want to bethe happiest person in the world that dayy.
Bye Readers!


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