Thursday, November 20, 2008


This goes out to all friends that are in my school.
Boy or girl, from my MT class or otherwise..
As long as I know you, you know me, you've been in the same class before.
Here's for all..
Today will be a day that I'll nvr forget.
Lots of cries, tears of sadness & happiness.
To ALL friends, thank you for being with me through out my years in school.
I'm glad that all of us went through the obstacles together till this day where all of us will say 'Au Revouir!' to the school.
All of you have been this BIG part of my life that'll make me rmbr ya guys always.
Through the thick & thin, good & bad times we had together, i treasure those moments.
Even to those who I am too close too, all of you mean a lot to me.
Fo'sho I'll miss all of you badly but it doesn't mean that we couldn't be friends no more.
Once in awhile, why not, give me a call.. We could go out sometimes.
Whoever you are, boy or girl, ALL of you are AWESOMEEE!
You know what..
Even a gazillion words could not say how much I treasure u guys.
Omg, I need a hug from my girlfriends - sobbing.
I got my results..
So here they are.
English : A
Malay: A (But I was expecting an A*)
Math : B (AWESOMEE!)
Science : C (Dead, really)
Firstly, thank you Mama & Papa. Thank you Mama cause although you had a course at NIE, you still came. Thank you Papa cause although you are busy & you had work today, you still took a sometime off just to see me when my results were release. I'm just happy that you both were there so I know that you support me in every way.
Secondly, thank you friends. Cause I through out my years. I studied with ya'll in class. We went through the same thing and we went through all the obstacles that came along together. Without you guys in class, I'll feel like a freak studying alone. Not only the teachers played a big part in order for us to study. But all my friends are part of it too.
Thirdly, thank you teachers. Without ya'll we wouldn't know wth education is. Ya'll have added more knowledge into us and made useful people. & teachers HAVE FLAWS TOO ! Haha. But they are never wrong when they say that education is important (:
Btw, whatever I type here is true & deep from the heart from your's truely.
And btw, my parents do know that I keep a blog.
So, they may stop by my bloggeyh once & awhile.
That's why, I dedicate stuffs here to my parents too (:
Ma, Pa if you're reading this : HEYYYYY HOO ! Haha. Love^^
Bye Readers!


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