Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sudden thoughts.

Hello Readers.

Yea, I know.
Second post of the day. Pathetic.

I'll post about something that happened..
At 6.00 when Mama, Faful, Firdaus & I went to the Plaza.
And this funny thing that happened at home.



Well,I was listening to this song which reminded me of the past.
Something that I had to go through although it was bitter.
& something that I had to go through though it was painful.

Well, it was about this guy & I.
We were so close, too close that we did not realize this thing that was happening in both of us.
But when we actually realized it, we were so scared and did not dare to speak out.
Why? Cause we thought there was not a need to do so; Unspoken Truth.
When WE knew that you were going to leave, LEAVE ME, THE COUNTRY, YOUR FRIENDS..
I was flabbergasted and the only thing I did was cry till my eyes swelled.
After countless weeks, when you left me and flew far away, I still felt the pain.
It was this part of my life that was missing. I felt empty, really empty.
I no longer saw you in school and during CCA's.
It was something hard, extremely hard that I had to go through..

And when I remembered our last call, the day before you left the country..
I finally got to call you from here to THERE.
Did you know how extremely supa dupa happy I was? TOTALLY.
BUT, when I knew you shifted house, I was like DEAD.
I had no idea what your new number was and so, we did not communicate.

After a very year, I can't lie but to say that I still miss you.
You've been on my mind now & then too. I want you to know that its true.
The times we had together were special & priceless.
Our memories together still lingers in my mind.
I still wonder how you're doing, how you are & who you're with..
- I want you to know that Iloveyoutoo (:

I don't mind if you have someone else in mind.
Yea, I know. People say that ya gotta move on.
Frankly, its hard for me.

Anyone who surprisingly knows who I'm talking about.
Shhhhh.. Promise me.

Bye !


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