Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I was told to do this crazy surveys by Kak Rara;P .
I don't know why but she told me to do it like so badly.
(Though I see that there really isn't a need to do any.. )Hahaa

What's your full name?
♥ Nur Farhana Zolkifli

What do you think of guys?
♥ It really depends on what kind of guy you're talking about..
Cause not all guys are the same.

What kind of guy will you married to?
♥ Hmm. The one that definitely knows me in & out.

What kind of guy you prefer more - Normal Guy Or Popular Guy.
♥Hm. A Normal guy. But if you're popular & humble at the same time, why not.

Do you go for looks?
♥ Nopee. I go for whatever that's in the guy.

What if you found out your guy dating with any girl.
♥ I don't have one. But if I did..
& If I really love him, i'll trust him..
If I know that they're only friends, why not, no biggy.
Otherwise, forget about it.

What if your parents don't like about this guy even though the guy has a very positive character.
♥ If he had a positive character, why shouldn't my parents no like him ?

Mostly what you call your guy?
♥ If I had one, he'll be my Cookie. (:

If this guy broke you off, saying if he stay with you, he will messed up your life.
♥ It maybe hard but yeaa, I'll try to move on if that is what he thinks is best.

Do you expect to phone call your guy every minute?
♥ Haha. Nahh, I'll be broke by then.

Do you want to have your boyfriend send you everywhere?
♥ Oh sure why not. If he's able to brin me EVERYWHERE.

Are you loyal to him?
♥ If I had one and I know he's the besterest I have. I'll be loyal to him, always.

What if your guy is a bad guy, forcing you to have sex with him.
♥ Ohmygoshies. But, I wouldn't be that stupid to get a bad guy as my boyfriend. DUHHH.

What age will you like to get married.
♥ I don't know, I never thought of that really.

How many child do you want?
♥ It depends on God.

Are you going to be a good mother?
♥Definitely, if I had children that is. -.-

1. If you could dedicate a song to yourself, what will it be ?
- It depends on what kind of mood I'm in.
2. You have $1 and you need to buy something beautiful ?
- I'd rather not buy anything.
3. What is the last storybook you read ?
- Abang's Swiss Book.

4. If you could fall in love with a celebrity, who will it be ?
- Chris Brown bby ! :D

5. Which type of boys do you find hot ?
- Cute ones.

6. What type of girl are you ?
- I'm AWESOME (: Hah.

7. Your type of guy for relationship ?
- As long I know that he's the besterest, that's just important.

8. What is your favourite ice cream flavour ?
- Mocha Almond Fudge.

9. What do you actually trying to refrain from ?
-My fears. Do something with your english, btw.

10. What makes a girl gorgeous ?
- Every girl is gorgeous in her own way.

11. What are the three things you always carry with you ?
-Always? nothing, cause I don't bring my hp, wallet, blah3 along ALL THE TIME.
12. When you write letters, how do you sign off ?
- Verbally, I would say: Peace. In letters : Bye!

13.What is the closest to you now ?
- Lotsa things I tell you.

14. In your family, who do you love ?
-They're my family. I don't like to favourites people.
15. Which guy pampers you a lot ?
- Omg, my last.
16. Who has always been the sweetest to you ?
- My treasured & happy people.
17. What do you think of ITE students ?
- ITE students are humans too, just like us.

18. What is a total turnoff for you from a guy ?
- He can be uber funny, but when he's too much & nonsensical, that's a turnoff..

19. When was the last time you cried ?
-This morning when I was think about Atuk Love.

20. If you could be with one person all your life, who will it be ?
- One person? That's hard.

21. Describe yourself in one word ?
- Awesome.
22. Describe your heart in one word ?
- Idk but I'm sure it pumps blood to other parts of my body:D
23. What are you waiting for ?
- I'm anxiously waiting for tomorrow.
24.Who are you thinking abt nw?
25. How much do you spend for shopping ?
- A LOT I tell you, I'm a shopaholic and I don't buy cheap stuffs, I buy bombs.

26. Who do you badly wanna go out with ?
- The clan!
27. Where is your favourite place in singapore ?
- I have no idea..

28. What is the one thing you love about some guys ?
- Some are really easy to get along with.
29. Do you feed anyone your spoon of ice cream ?
- Yes, lotsa times luff'.

30. What does love mean to you ?
- It means more than what you think it is.
I've looked up the dictionary, since love is a really deep feeling.
Love means more than what the dictionary says uh huh .
Okay, done.
Happy now Kak Rara ?
:D ily.


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