Friday, November 7, 2008

Today, is the day.

Hello Readers!

Yes, its finally the day.


Hell yea, I'm gladd.
Well, I'll be wearing the black top that I bought for fucking $89.
(Excuse me, I don't ask for money, I bought it myself.)
Black Skinnahysss which Mama said that it looks awesome with the top.
And lastly, my Nike shoe.
Mama said I'll look kinda striking NOT Gothic since I'll be wearing my Nike shoe which is NOT black in colour.

Still, I don't know if Dearest Abg Pali will be coming down..
I gotsa give him a call at 12.00 and I hope he remebers. -.-

Its kinda sad that the year is coming to an end & us friends will be somehow separated.
Since, we'll be moving on to a NEW school..
With NEW friends.
With NEW facilities.
With NEW teachers.
at a NEW environment..
I have to say that I will still miss all my lovelys..
May our strong friendship last till God knows when.
K, I don't want to cry on this thrilling day..

So, yeaaa.
I'm done here.



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