Friday, November 28, 2008

YO MOMMA ! Hahaha

Heyy !

Well yea, 261108, the life time of my lifeeeeeee (so far).
I finally got to go out with my friends. Aweeesomeeeeeeee.
Lotsa stuffs happened.
But, I won't post abt it now causeeeeee :
1. I need all the pictures taken.
2. I'm waiting for syaza to send the pics that she has.
3. Its night time.
4. I'm lazyyyyyyy.

Yupp, you guessed the last one right...
Haha, as if -.-

People who went :
Girlfriends: Khaliesa, Syaza, Huda, Elina, Diyana & friend. (BLUEBERRY TEAM!)
Cycling Partner: Izwan.
3 blind mice: Syafiee, Izwan, Iqram.

You guys gerek gilerrrrrrr.
No doubt.


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