Friday, December 19, 2008

32, a longgggg day.

Hello Readers!
Well, today was basically, Greenridge to Banquet to Plaza Singapura to Bugis Street to Burgis Junction to Arab Street.
Yea, lotsa place & I didn't buy anything, okay maybe except for lotsa sch books and a $49.90 Nike Haversack.
Reported to sch at 8.30am. & Syaza was at a coffee shop when I called her -.- . Bought lotsa sch books & uniform.
Ate Chicken Rice since I was reallyyyyy hungry.
Plaza Singapura.
(This one was classic)
Mama went to Starhud Com to do something. Meanwhile, I was looking at clothes and both Fakhrul & Firdaus became victims. Hehehe. I was in this French/Euro shop. And then my eyes got struck by this addictive short dress. It costs $129. I do have enough money to buy but I wouldn't wanna spent all my money on just 1 clothing. So, in the end.. I didn't buy. Then I went to this other shop(cant rmbr name).. I adored this 2 tees, so I asked abang & Fakhrul which one they prefer. And it didn't help cause they picked diferently. Firdaus was like just buy lahh.. Maybe I took too long to buy & by the time mama was back & we had to go. -.-
Bugis Street.
Fakhrul wanted to buy some tees. For someone whose only 5, he does have good sense of style. Most of em' didn't come in his size or maybe the designs are just too.. umm plain. Yeap, nice word to use(:
Bugis Junction.
Then Fakhrul wanted to buy flops. Before that I was looking at clothing then shoes then bags. From there I bought the Nike bag.. After that Fakhrul bought his flops. I was lethargic by then & the only thing i wanted to do was snore away or either sit.
Arab Street.
Ate at Zam Zam.. Looks like they have a somewhat-say a "Business Rival". Still, I do enjoy the food there. Delish!
Since I didn't do any shopping today. I'll do it tmrw.
& on Sun, hopefully gf could go out..
We'll see aeroplanes fly, chocolates & all edible stuffs that can spoil your teeth!
:D Heheheh
*Kid! Sorry, I somehow ditched you in msn. Sorry cause I didn't reply you, bro was on the lappy instead. -.-


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