Sunday, December 21, 2008

34, & after a longgggggg time.


Just got back from Plaza with the SWEETEST person, SYAZA!
Thank you for our day out today. :D
You're the best

Went to Changi Airport, Terminal 2 to welcome back Sleeq(:
Gosh, I had to travel all the way from here to there.
Way longggggggggg. Oh never mind.
Arrived at T2 at about 7.15p.m.
And realised that flight SQ 119 was delayed to 9.27p.m.
Instead of just waiting, we took the Sky train to T1 and ate at Popeye's.
Only after 50mins,8.20p.m. we took the Sky train back to T2.

Since I wasn't able to come to both Lyph's & Rif's Bday Bash..
I decided to make it up to em' buy buying those two Awesome Dudes chocolate!
Really hope they like it & Syarif, don't forget to give half of it to Alyph kay:D
Though the flight was delayed, it was still worth waiting(: ^^
& finally, after a longggggggg time waiting, Syarif & Kak Jihan appeared.
& there we saw Rancour, Arif Samsudin, Hyrul Anuar too(:
Gosh, I was so glad to Syarif.. I missed him so much since the last performance.
& yes not to forget, Mr. Alif Abdullah:D Goshies, I miss him so damn much!

Your Mr Hot & Sexay with Yours Truely.
Fakhrul gave Syarif the Roche we bought & started taking pictures.
Fruitful Talk. Warm Hug. THANK YOU(:
Still, I miss you dudes big time!
& Classiq is very much anticipated.
Jyeahhhhhh, love ya guys(:

Asking where Your Mr Cute & Sexay went?

Lyph is said to be out on a Holiday with his family(:

Sheesh, I Miss Him BIG TIME!



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