Wednesday, December 24, 2008

35, Mundane...

Hello Readers!
Just got back from Causeway Point with my family.
Under certain circumstances, I didn't buy anything..
Tacky, I know.

Before I end this post..
I would want you Readers to have a look at picture that made my day.
(I wasn't really in a good mood before)

An Adorable picture of Alif(left) & Syarif(right) when they were younger.
I find it absolutely Cute & Adorable.
No doubt, they still have it now(:
& Look!
Alif(above) looks pretty much like Adil now, the rambut mangkok lahh..
Again, I Miss These Dudes Loads.
& Classiq, where ya at!? :P
Oh yes My Birthday is in 8days time!
Yes! Get it in your head!
1st January! It's not hard to rmbr at all(:



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