Sunday, December 28, 2008

37, random..

Hello you. Yes you.

Yezzar, My Birthday is in 4 Days Time.
Please get that in your head. Thank you. Nyahahaha...
So, while you guys are counting down..
At the same time, you're celebrating my B'day. Haheho. :D

To Sleeqaholics..
Alyph & Syarif were in yesterday's news paper, BH.
If you have missed it, go & read it..
If you didn't buy the newspaper, go borrow it from your neighbour, friend, auntie, uncle..

I don't feel like blogging really really long right now.
Oh yea, I met someone who has the same name as I do:D
She's really nice, I mean like really really nice y'knw!
Her name's Nurul Farhana. Cool kn? :D
You knw, we think in the same perspective & it gives me the thrill to talk more..

Okay, hands down.


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