Tuesday, December 30, 2008

38, Happ Happy B'day :D

Just in case I wouldn't be able to blog later..

Happy Birthday To My Darling, Farishah Syg!
May Allah bless you with good stuffs in any way..
And have a splendid birthday kay syg:D

You're like a sister to me & you've thought me a lot.
Thank you for the times when you were there for me..
Even by just talking to you can make me smile when I'm down.
And I thank Allah for blessing me with an awesome+gorgeous+down-to-earth... young lady
who goes by the name, Farishah..
And I'm absolutely appreciated & honoured to be part of my Syg's life.
You're like a Kakak to me & I love you so much, that,I want you to know.

& not to forget, Atikah Kassim too!
Though I've only known that close for a year, I appreciate you so much..
Thank you for being apart of my life(:
May our friendship last even longer kayyy.

Happy Birthday To Them.
Happy Birthday To Them.
Happy Birthday To Farishah Syg & Atikah!
Happy Birthday to youuu.

Fana loves you Lovey Dovey so much.


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