Wednesday, December 31, 2008

39, Hello 2009, Au Revouir 2008!


Before that, thank you to those who've wished me a Happy Advance B'day(:
I'm really thankful:D (Only in a few hours time!)

2008 is coming to an end !
And I am looking forward to 2009..
Still, the special memories I had with Family & Friends will be treasured, definitely.
& to new friends I made- Nurlily Farhana, Nurul, Kak Chippy, Kae, Kak Mimi, Sya.. & othrs *go localz! Nrl Frhna, ALL Gfs, Anisa & SleeQfans/ SleeQaholics :D
I may have known most of you for only a year or less but you guys are superbly awesome & ya guys including family have played a BIG role in my life!
Oh, not to forget, Sleeq too! ;D

Most memories shared will linger in my mind..
& some should best be forgotten..

Hope 2009, will be as good as 2008, or even better.
Well, I expect lots of stuffs to happen in 2009 & I hope most of them will come true. Or even better, All :D
Wait, when I mean lots of stuff, I really did mean it.. I wrote it all on 2piece on paper, back & front:D Nope, I'm not sane.

Part of the stuffs I wrote & really really want in 2009:
- A Guitar. I found one that I really liked & I really hope Pa's gonna get me one. - CHOCOLATE! Yes, my sweet addiction.
- More tees, dress which means more SHOPPING. & I need a shopping partner please! Anyone want to volunteer? Hehh..
- More Sleeq performances, More gigs! *gooo localzxsz! :D
- More hair cuts! From bangs to curls to rebonding to short to long.. Haho.
- More friends hopefully, More SleeQaholics! :D Yes, hopefully.

As said, there are lots.. Apparently, I wouldn't wanna waste my time. Ty(:
Still, I just really want to make the best out of 2009..
I just have to make sure that my bad habits wouldn't come back.

Only a few hours to 2009 and a few hours to yours truely's B'day as well(:
May the start of 2009 bring happiness to all of you alright.

Love, Farhana!


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