Monday, December 1, 2008


K fine, i deleted the post before.
I'm not sure if any one of you saw it.
Kinda personal & some may find it offensive.
Should get a private blog, wait, i do have one. -.-

OMG!! 1month to my birthday!

YES! Just one more month!!
I hope that after I get sabo-ed, I'll still get presents.
Cause my friends are Crazy, Wild, Cruel, Mad, Zany YET the NICEST things you can have.

Oh yeaa.
i heard that Childhood Friend aka Syafiee went to KL.
Went there with his auntie for a WEEK. (See that!? A WEEK!!!??!)
Basically, a week is nothing compared to a day(As if). I'll stay at home waiting for you to come back home. And I'll tell you the answer that I owe you. What's important most is that you have fun there for the WHOLE WEEK D: . AND insyallah, you'll come back home in one sexay piece. HAHAHA. ^^

Before I forget.

KAE SYG, get well soon kay! Rmbr to take yr medication.

And yea, I'll be your fan fo'sho Hehee. Love you!

This may not be something big bebyh. But yea, maybe this is just one of the way for you to be the jumpy jumpy & not sick Kae I know. You're like a sister & you mean a lot. AGAIN, GET WELL SOON! ^^ Really hope to see you soon luff' !



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