Friday, December 5, 2008

Heyy !

Yeaaa, i didn't update for 2 dayss.
Tryna get my head off whatever that I'm going thru'..

Basically, the past few days have been umm.. the same.
Y'know, its like you have yr ipod playing the first 5songs over & over again..
I spend 1/4 of my time watching teev.
Another 1/4 playing gamess.
& 1/2 of my time on the lappy.
And yea, I've been doing a lot of online shopping.
Rotting at home is really killing me BADLY. D:

Went to West Mall yesterday.
I was darn glad cause atleast I'm out & not at homee.
Did a lil bit of shopping..
Fakhrul bought a Mr Impossible tee since he doesn't have onee.
& I bought a Little Miss Naughty tee, its kinda diff cause it has 'Queen Of Mischief' written behind.
AND I too bought a plain tee with some of the Mr Men on it.
Cool huhhh.

And today I'll be out, AGAIN!
Will be going swimming & then BOWLINGG.
With my family, that is..
An opportunity to brush up my bowling skills before the 16th. :D

Will update about the happens tmrw..
I better get ready.

I think I shud buy more vintage tee.
Which calls for more shopping!


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