Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shoutout to GIRLFRIENDS:

Rozaini has invited all off us, the clan, to hang out!

Venue: Bukit Batok, Cdans.
Date: 16th Dec 2008.

I'm unsure of timeee.
But as soon as i get any info from him, i'll tell ya'll!

Do tell me or Huda or Rozaini himself, if you are able to come.
No doubt, this will be one of the best time we will have!
So, i suggest that you guys just tag along !
Any information, do ask any three of us.

Next outting will be at Escape Theme Park.
Atleast we can meet before late Dec where we'll be going to ETP.

People confirmed going:
Rozaini (obviously)
Fana (me)


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