Friday, January 16, 2009

46, Yesterday.


I've been busy with school. I'm cutting my time on the computer & increasing my time on studying. I had a Chemistry Test yesterday set by Lovely Ms. Kng :D So far,she's my favourite teacher. She's absolutely fun, her teaching is fun, she shows us videos every lesson & definitely pretty(: I hope I did well for the test.

Out of all the school days this year so far, yesterday was the most tired-est. As usual, went to the lrt station, met Syaza in the lrt & we both started to crap. 1st period was Chemistry with Ms Kng. Started with a 15min test & then studied a new chapter. NOW, we're 2 chapters ahead of the other Exp classes. What I really enjoy about her teaching is that she goes through everything at the right pace for me & it's understandable.

After 2 periods of Chem was Literature. Truthfully, I don't really like my Lit teacher, Mrs. T . She's okay, just okay. Since she had something to do, my class went to the canteen & did our work there. & like gosh..It's in the canteen! You could already smell the food. After waiting for long minutes, the bell rang. Like hooligans, we all ran to the stall to get our food. Haha. We were hungry okay? HEH.

After eatting, I met Syaza & Isma. As usual, we did more crapping :D My pencil case' zip was taken off because of.. (haha) . So, I asked Syaza & Isma to help me fix it. Unfortunately, the don't know how to. Hahahaha. Lesson learned: Never put too much force on your pencil case. They have limits too. LOL.

After recess was English with Ms. Z . Another teacher I adore. She's a very nice teacher & she's my form teacher too. She knows how to have fun when teaching. She's not the kind of teacher like when she goes into your class & then there'll be this dead silence. We continued our study game. The class was so chaotic! Definitely fun. In this game, when you're playing & having fun, at the same time you're actually learning something from it too. To me, you will memories, study, learn things better by this type of study games cause you'll have more interest to what you're doing.

After Eng was Geography with Mdm L . She is on my black list. I don't like the way she teaches & the whole class doesn't like her too. She's so demanding, seriously! And like you can't even talk or ask something to your friend. Sucha irritating teacher. She thinks she's all when. Well, you're NOT! Bluek-.- & her class is very boring, maybe that answers why I tend to sleep during her lesson. & hello Mdm, we are not some machinery object to do 20 corrects okay? If you're so good at telling people what to do, why don't you do it yourself? Buuusstardddd.

Since it was a Friday, school ended at 12.30p.m. I went to Mak house instead as I had to go back to school at 2.30p.m. for Drama.

Went out of Mak house at 2.20p.m. & the met Syaza & Nabilah at the school gate. I had Drama while Syaza & Nabilah had Dance. Saw Cassedy & tag with her to the Arts Hub where I met the Drama actors/actress, their Drama Instructor who is a Theater Actress, she has been acting in theaters such as Boom!, .. (I forgot D: ) We started off with some exercises & then games. After that, the lights were turned off & everyone sang a B'day song for the January Babies.

I was told that they would usually celebrate b'day's weekly but now monthly. That'll be fun:D SO, all of us got a slice of cake. Splendidly delicious! Yum yumm! We were then told about the stage positions & all kinda stuff. Us, the newbies, were under the Buskers Group. This is where you showcase the Drama talent; Poetry, Acting & other stuffs. We are now doing under poetry & yay! I'm the lead actor:D But, this is something small. Hopefully by Spectrum 4, where the Drama Group will be doing their Musical, I hope I'll be the lead actor. Insyallah.

I was so lethargic by that till I couldn't open my eyes. & on that night we had to go to Nenek's house. I really wanted to go, just that I was reluctant to get up. Eventually, I did & we were late when we came to Nenek's house. The family(beside my mum) were already there. After the study, we ate. Congrats to KAK FAFA for getting 17 points in her 'O's ! I love my nephew lahh. Daneal is soooooo cute. Abng Noor was being crazy. HAHAHAHA. Kelake kepe? When we all were going back home, Daneal didn't want to follow his Ibu & Ayah. He was gripping me so tight.

Shagged, I went back home, changed & went to bed.
Tiring days to come.
Ahhhhhhh, I have Lit, His, Geo, Math Test new week.
Time to s t u d y.
Yes, Bye!


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