Friday, January 30, 2009

49, Smiles wide. Don't frown. Be happy.


I was chatting with Syawal just now.
I've bumped into him at the lrt station & in sch.
But, we've yet talked till just now..

Our first time talking yet, we shared a lot.
I enjoy talking to people who thinks in the same perspective as I do.
We have much more to talk abt & stuffs in common.

Well, I was really touched about what he said & shared with me.
Wouldn't say anything cause we've promise nt to tell anyone abt it.
He's an absolute nice guy & I do see that he cares a lot.
I really hope he'll be totally open-minded with me from now on.
You know you can share right?
Have no fear, Fana is here! Hahaha. (Beyh kene kanena siol!)

Seriously, I had fun talking with him.
Basically, I'm glad that he's able to share(walaupun)...
Fana is always here for you.

Ended our chat kinda abruptly(nt really lah) since his friends were coming to his house before the headed for town.
& I still have smiles on my face.

Later on, I'll be out to town.
I'll be getting a guitar! Hehehe.
& after that, I'll be off to East Coast to meet aunties & uncles & cousins since Auntie Ida will held a barbeque.

Thank you for making my day, Abng Syawal!


Btw, this will be my temporary background.
I'm fucken lazy.


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