Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I feel so lonely here.
Shar went bck to SG & nw, I'm left alone with mum, dad & the 16 year old lad.
& I can only go bck to SG once I'm done with Uni.
Fucking irritating.

Still, I'll be getting my own appartment! Mine alone & all mine, no one elses. It's not that big, the living room can nicely fit a flat screen tv & 1 dining table & 2 sofa.. & there are 3 rooms. The kitchen only the size of the master bedroom. Well, maybe because I'm the only one who'll be living in it.

My apartment will be nearer to the Uni that'll i'll be studying in. I'm too lazy to drive my car. And I'm like totally afraid that there'll be no parking lots. Like hello, 3/4 of the students there owns a car.

Ohh, adik got out with some new boy-friends. HAHAHA.
whatever-.- HAHAHAH.
Ok, Bye!!!
Cathrene/ Aishaa / Kak Cath.
Cath misses all you gfs & bfs in SG..
Hugs & Kisses, Cath frm Aussieeee


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