Wednesday, January 28, 2009


School has been extremely busy.
Sports, acting... Gotta compromise.
Went to the hospital just now.
Gosh, my hand is numb. -dieds.

After like so long(nt really) I finally talked to SYA!
K lah, we didn't really have a convo..
I bumped into him before I went for PE.
Suddenly, I just went 'Hello Sya---' *smiles wide.
Then he did this funnaye walk they showed his colgate smile.
Haha. Seriously lh kay, vry gd looking with colgate smile:D Hehe.
& I still love spending time disturbing Solihinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

K dah, shaddup.
Seriously, I gotsa talk to Sya more often. Hehehe
& Sywl, why nvr talk? We've bumped into each other like hw many times redyy..
We'll talk some day okay!

Fana is currently sleepy cause she hadn't had ample sleep/rest.

I realise that my background had 'expired' somehw.
Lazy, but will change it asap.
I really have to spend time studying lahh, less time on compy.
Hope ya ppl understand:D


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