Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sorry, for the lack of updates.
As u cn see, my two syg's are here to blog too:D

To Kak Cath:
They are only friends lah. & it was basically just walking around the mall & then ice-cream:D Haha. Mum is fine with me befriending boys. As long as I know, I'm with the right people, right company, I'm fine with it myself. Basically, I know where I stand lah kayyy.
Pfft, I miss you so much Kak.
I'll call your home. & Olala, new apartment!


I'm so gonna buy that amazing bracelet!~
It's amazing, spectacular, the design is absolutely awesome!
& it's only $128!!!!!

I have to put mone aside for the short dress too.
Hard. But, I'll tryyy. :D

School is okay.
Friends can be irritating.
I'm cool with that.
Been there, done that.


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