Wednesday, January 21, 2009

47, when people go crazzaaaaayy


Today= fun:D

First 2 periods MT. I love my MT class, it's very quiet & us, Nabilah, Shafiq, Zul, Farhan, Shah & I, makes this class very active. It makes you look crazy to the other MT classmates. HAHAHA. Like oh c'mon lahh, people gotsa have fun y'knw! :D

After that Recess. & then English & then PE. Ohh lala, I love PE. Haha. We'll us girls played a mixture of Netball+Basketball+Captains Ball. Crazy Game! The boys played Soccer, some basketball & othrs badminton. Mr JT. joined the boys in soccer, hilarious mayne! & then, I thought I was in trouble.

Mr JT. : Just now, when you ran, I can see that you have the potential in running.
Me: (Omg! Like finally) *grins wide
*cuts convo*

I wouldn't continue, Mr. JT wants me in the T&F. Just a slight problem, nt sharing it yet(: After PE was suppose to be Geo, but Mdm L. dissapeared to I-don't-knw-where. So, our OM, Mr M. came in. It was like so quiet, not even a single word. But in the end, we found Mr. M very funnay. & like goshies pregnant at the age of 13.-died.

& then lunch & then Chem where we learned abt chromatography & crystallisation. Basically, what we're doing now is what the Sec 3 are doing. Coolious;D


1. Luck to Rugby Boys today. They hv a tournament with I-don't-knw-wht sch. HEH. Shafiq told me to drop by today but maybe nt now. Some other day...

2. A lil bit of Promo for The Afterlife.
But, I have yet got the poster, will post it vry soon.
*Go go Lokalzsxz!

Wait, I love my girls. Which includes my Syaza:D
HAH. Will post pictures of us together-gether soon.



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