Friday, January 9, 2009


Pardon for the lack of updates.
I've been busy with school, school work and other such activities that I couldn't find the time to blog.
Most probably, I'll blog occasionally or randomly..

Since I'm already committed to that school & that class, I'll waste my time if I said I regret since I'm committed to it already..
School has been absolutely awesome & yeah!
I really like my class, it's wild, loud, happening unlike most classes.
I dislike some people in my current school, they just purposely want to harass you.
I find that senseless & stupid..
Why don't find something better to do, like get a life..

I gotsa Project Work(PW) to do..
Committed t0 this group with these people:
-Yong Sim.

Sangary talks a lot but does contribute ideas. Yong Sim is kinda quiet.. Shafiq cracks jokes & enjoys disturbing Sangary about Roti Prata. HAHAH. Gabriest is quiet but friendly. Zul, ummm..Is weird-.- But, I do think that we can make this 'Invasion Project' happen. As long as we don't get too fickle-minded on the name, aim and other perspective of the project...

Oh yea, I know it's late..
I told ya guys that I'll post a vid for you guys, fr those who wished me a Happy B'day. Well, it's late but I still want to thank you guys.. So, I'll still post the vid when my other lappy is ok. The lappy I'm using now isn't able to install the vid. So, I hope ya'll understand kay(:

To abng, ya thank you for that tickle-ish handshake kepe? Hahaha..
Sheesh, too imaginative, in your fantasy world till girlfriend cannot stand you isit? Hoho!
Kak, please give your boyfriend a smack in the butt, he needs one.
K, shaddup.



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