Sunday, January 11, 2009


Before I start..
You readers should know that I'm nt Fana. I'm Shar, Fana calls me Kak Shar. She must hve told ya peps sme stuffs abt me right? Well, I got back from Australia on th e 5th, gladly passed my High Sch EOY exam & nw bck in SG.. I'll be in SG for about a year before I head back to Australia for university.

Sadly, Cathrene(Kak Cath) will not come bck to SG till year 2011. Which means that she'll be back when she's finally done with University.. Jeez, then its my turn.

Why am i blogging & nt Darling Fana? Fana will only blog occasionally & if she does not, this blog will be dead. So, since I'm bored & to prevent this blog from becoming dead... I decided to blog on Fana's blog. Get it? & furthermore, I don't have a job here yet.. Maybe getting one in March.. Meanwhile, I'll be at home, rotting to be exact.

Not only Fana & I will be blogging here.
Kak Cath too! :D

Okay then..
Good Bye!
Shariza Audrea/
Kak Shar.


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