Sunday, January 4, 2009


2days of school..
I was kinda reluctant to go to school on 2nd Jan cause for most it was only going to be a day of sch during that week. But, school was awesome just that I hurt my butt. Hah yea, they made us sit on solid ground for like how many fucken hours.. And the principle gave a 50min speech. Sheesh, I find that toooo long.

On Saturday, yesterday, I had school. It was fun, no doubt.. Just that I was too tired & sleepy to continue the other how many hours of the CCA activity. Firstly, to new friends I made, YAY. Oh, I met like different2 kind of people. Cute, Crazy & Quiet.

When I said cute, I really meant cute.. There's this awesomely cute boy in y class, he's chubby & he can get along with us all! He's darn funnay mayne.. 'Do not underestimate size'. Hahaha. & crazy, yes crazy. I made friends with some ppl in othr lvls. Craziest so far will be Super Duper Cassandra! Hahaha, she's part Filipino & Chinese. & then, Darren aka Chiwawa! Hoho. Thank guys for guiding us through, through out the first 2 days of sch. & quiet, I mean like ABSOLUTELY quiet. There's this girl in my class, it'll be such a waste of time talking to her. I'm not insulting of anything.. It's a fact. You talk to her, say Hi and he just looks at you then turn back. You could hardly hear what she's saying. It's better being Hyper mayne! :D

I got a bad stomacheeeeeeeeeeee.
& I have sch tmrw, like everyone else.
I hope I don't sleep half way through out class.
Haven't had ample sleep since..

Oh before I end, I'll post a vid for you guys..
A thank you message for those who've wish me a Happy B'day.

Oh bye!


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