Saturday, January 10, 2009

A quick post.
As most of you know, tomorrow will be the release of the 'O' Level Results.
Good luck to..
Kak Fafa, Nurul Farhana!, Farishah Syg!

Insyallah, you girls will be crying tears of joy & not otherwise.
& either JC or Polytechnics are waiting for you fine girls. Amin.
Tension in the air aight?

A lil bit of Promo here.
Cun Saja is now on Ria 89.7FM!(actually is was on, on the 5th)
Start requesting for it! Let's make it in the charts!
No only in it, but to make it #1!!
Our support & votes can make a difference to show our SleeQlove to our dudes, SleeQ!
How to vote?


So, start voting!



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