Tuesday, February 3, 2009

50, fuxc? Nyahahaha

Hello !

Syawal custard seyh kau. :D
Orng senyum, respond uh sikit.
Tk perh kau, kt msn kene nye. Jokejoke.

Today was different.
Mdm. Sha & Mr. Chng didn't come which means that there wasn't any Math & Physics today.= 2hours of free time. & SMART. Well, I don't really find the purpose of it. You're suppose to be doing your homework. But, isn't it homework? You're suppose to be doing it at home & nt in sch, that's why it's homework. DUH. && what if you don't have homework? Basically, I don't do hw during SMART.= 1 hour of free time.
2h+1h=3h of free time! Nyahahah.

& then Drama.

Happy B'day to you.
Happy B'day to you.
Happy B'day to Chermaine!
Happy B'day to you!


First, I was minutes late for drama. So, I missed the Impromptu. After games & all, all of us watched those who were involved in the Drama SYF. No doubt, it's uber-interesting! It's about this fat girl who doesn't believe that she can lose weight. Definitely impressive acting:D

When I thought that I was gonna die cause I didn't bring my dress for 2 consecutive days, I wasn't! Nyaha. So, we did our last practice before we start our performance at the Buskers Corner. Why Buskers? Sounds so(ermm..)

Then, we did a surprise B'day party for Ms. Charmein :D I have to say that it was fun. && the cake, splendid ! Again, Happy B'day Chermaine!

I really love today.
Especially in the morning when I realised that Papa had bought me a guitar. Tears welled up in my eyes. I was just so surprise. Cause I wanted one & I didn't think that I'd get it 'like this'. I would like to thank Papa a lot! Thank You for the guitar Pa, I really like it. Preciate loads. I love you:D



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