Wednesday, February 4, 2009

51, ha he ho ha he.

Hello Readers!

I kinda got back from school. Okay lah, nt really. I reached home at about 3.30p.m. & it's 4.55p.m. now. Yesterday was tiring. I got back from school & was totally shagged. I felt kinda unwell, so, I headed back home straight. Went home, shower & took an afternoon nap. Then, Ma interrupted my beauty sleep by calling me to head down with Abng since I wanted to do a lil shopping.

I planned to shop at Raffles City but it was already 6.45 lh kay. We went somewhere else instead.. I took about 45min to just find one dress. In the end, I was fed up with the fact that there weren't any nice ones, so.. I decided to just buy a $31.90 skirt instead.

After that, family & I walked arnd the mall. & my dearest Papa bought me a watch. OP- $115. But then, just our luck we bought it for $57.90. Thank you Pa, I mean like a lot! You paid for my skirt, you bought me a guitar & nw a watch.
I believe that I have the greatest Father in the world(: I Love You.

Then, we went to Mac to get a bite while Papa went & fetch my lil lad, Fakhrul. When I was done eatting, I went to the same shop where I bought skirt & bought a $29 belt. The greatest thing is that it has lotsa diamonds covered arnd it. Fucking gorgeous! Nyaha.

Kaching Spent$$
Skirt: $31.90
Watch: $57.90
Belt: $29
Total= $118.80
(The most I spent so far in a day)
Enuf' of shoppin & eatin, we went back home.
& when I gt home, went online & realised that Syawal was online.
So, we spent 2 hours of chatting despite the fact that my eyes were already red.
I'm stubborn, I know.( So much for wanting to sleep early) Hehe.

I'll talk abt today later.


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