Thursday, February 5, 2009

52, today

Hello again.

I knw I'm pathetic.
Second post of the day. Heh.

Today morning met Syaza in the train & went to school together with Aisya & her. She was kinda upset with me for talking abt 'him'. She just didn't wanna talk about it. Period. As usual, we are one of the last lot to proceed in before flag raising starts.

After all that was Geo. Mdm L. did come to sch but we had no fucken idea what happened to her. Well, everyone was uber happy abt the fact that she didn't take our class(!) Nyahaha. Still, a relief teacher took over & we all ended up doing wksheets. Aftr that was LS, with Ms. Chw. We decided to give her an advance b'day.. So yea. *skips boring parts

After Phy, MA, MT was suppose to be Assembly. But my team & I had to meet Ms. Soon. Oh wait, before that I saw Syawal & for the first time, we actually talked in school.(Yay)- doinkkk. Did our lil performance & then got home straight since Syaza went back with I-don't-know-which-guy.

& now, 8pm..
I feel unwell. I got a bad flu & have been coughing.
Got all this from Nabilah.
Blame it on you! Nyahahah.
Well, I don't think I'll be going to school tmrw.
Have to make sure no one gets affected.

Oh fuck,


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