Friday, February 6, 2009

53, love is blind, can't you see?

I'm S I C K.
Yes, that's why I didn't attend school today.
I got a flu, I've been coughing & I have a fever.
Syaza didn't attend school too.
She was thoughtful enuf to call me on how I was doing.
She told me that she didn't go to sch as she has a swollen eye.
Well, which leaves to Nabilah, alone. Haheho.


Yesterday, I met this guy.
We didn't exactly talk, but I sensed that he wanted to say something.
I've seen him before, but we've never talked.
He suddenly gave me a smile & obviously, I smiled back.
He left, but kept looking & that I realised.
Yet, he leaves me thinking. Oh nvm, we'll be friends sometime(:



He shared but I didn't expect it.
I thought it was nothing much, but it was something.
& then I realised how much he cared.
But then, I realised that I fell.
He was too oblivious to the surrounding cause he cared.
& now, I fall in despair & isn't sure whether to share.
If I told him, he might not accept it & avoid.
If I told her, she might find out the truth & wouldn't care.
I will help but that doesn't make it fair.
Lets just say, I just want him to be happy.
So, I'll stay away & he'll be there, yet not for me.
eventhough its not fair...

Maybe its worthless cause I know he wouldn't..
Cause I don't wanna end up chasing a fantasy.

I'll keep it to myself.
Wouldn't sahre for now.
Lets just wait & see what God has for me.



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