Monday, February 9, 2009


I can't help it I tell you.
I'm not suppose to be here right now, really.
But I'm stubborn as usual.

Homework are killers.
They are piling each day.
Well, it'll be worthwhile after that I guess.
Oh yay, I passed my Geo, MA, Chem & MT.
I'm unsure of His & Phys.

& goshhhhhhhhhhhh, i hate Chinese class.
Bored me to death. So, I didn't pay attention.
Instead, I started msging ppl(:

After sch today, met SYAFIEE!
Yes, my closest guy friend & my childhood friend.
10years & counting right love? Heh
He had to leave early as he had to take his sister, Syarafah.
I Love Her & I Miss Her.
The last time I saw her was when I went to his house.
Good thing his mum wasn't angry(: *SMILES
We shall meet sometime again & I'm looking forward.
Next time must blanja me kay? Heheheheh.

I'm learning a new song on my guitar.
Tryna take time on it, hope it goes well..

K fine, Fana here has to go sleepy sleepy.
Goodnight Lovey Doveys !


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