Tuesday, February 10, 2009

55, Happy B'day.

Firstly, I would like to wish this special lady or sweetheart who goes by the name Nur Atikah or better know as KAE this..


Happy 19th Birthday to our dearest sweetheart KAE. && yes, she's not old. Forever 18 is it? Hehe. Hope today's greater day than any other day(: I miss you & have yet seen you for 2months already (or so).. We shall meet sometime, fo'sho! I Love You & I want you to know. You're the greatest sunshine that I've come by so far. & I know I'm nvr alone cause i know who to look out for when I'm down. KAE SYG IS AWWSOME, NO DOUBT!

Fana misses): & loves Kae:D

So much for wanting to go for gigs.
Life has been hectic.
I've missed them by far.

Had AC yesterday.
Lets start with the bad news.

I was so fucken pissed yesterday. Our 'director' totally disapproved to our every step. WTF!? && she bailed on us. She was like, "I won't want to go through this shit so I'm not gonna do it". Fuck yo! You are only 2years older than us, so what! You had classes too before. You don't have to brag about everything & then get so moody on us. all of us talked bad about her, obviously. Seriously, one more time she goes 'you'll get hell'. I'm sure she'll get a piece of hell from me. whatever lh kay, fine by me!

Good news.

Mediacorp bailed on us a few days ago. Most of us who were interested were kinda upset about it. BUT.. There's another audition! YESSSSSSSSS! & I'm going(: If I'm approved. . . . . Will not dare to reveal much, you'll know when you see it.

Common Test 1 is like in 2weeks time & I still have the cheek to update.
& Oh, please understand.
I can't for sure be there to your every want & need.
I have a life & please respect my schedule, I'm nt free everytime.
If you don't, why bother?
You're just wasting your time, thank you.



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