Saturday, February 14, 2009



The past few days have been stressful days for me.
Basically because of school & some other stuffs.
It has been hard to cope with it but lets persevere.
I have some other stuffs in mind that has been bothering me for quite some time.
& I really don't know to who to let it out to.
& even if I did, am I doing the right thing?
I've been keeping it for quite some time & still afraid to let it go.


Happy V'Day Readers!

Valentines Day which falls on 14th Feb is today. I doubt so it's only about buying stuffs for the person you love. I believe that it's more to it. To me, it's about showing your Love, Care & Appreciation to that very special someone. And I doubt so that it's only about celebrating it with you boyfriend/girlfriend.. It is also about celebrating it with your own family. That very special someone doesn't have to be your bf/gf but it can be your mum, dad, siblings.. Whoever.

My V'day is very simple yet meaningful. At first I thought, "Why bother celebrate? It's not like a have a bf to celebrate with." But then I realised that it was totally more than what I thought, I proved myself wrong. My family & I(excluding Pa) was out to town today. Obviously, you'll see people with roses/flowers. We did some shopping. It was basically just to show Love. My V'Day may not be as fun & it may not be with that someone but it is something that I treasure.

It's kinda disappointing that Papa wasn't with us today. It was very different as on V'day we would always be together. Papa would usually buy this bunch flowers for Mama & all of us kept it a secret. Sadly, not this year. Papa will have to work till idk what time today. I truly understand why, Pa is just trying to work had to support/ earn money for our family. That's why I love my Pa(: & I kinda miss papa as I've yet seen him for 2days. Sad ain't it?


I'm refraining myself from thinking about it..
But, it doesn't seem to work at all..
I want to forget about it, trust me..
But I don't seem to know how..
It's hard to keep it & not share..
But God Willing, I'll make it through all..



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