Monday, February 16, 2009

58, Hell Ya Today!

Yawww Readers!
How ya guys doing? :D

I kinda got back with family.
Went to BT to eat, the plan of going to United Square for B&J was cancelled):
But Ma promised. So... ;)

Today was totally fun, I tell you.
1. Met Dearest Syawal at the lrt station & yea we crapped.
2. Took the lrt with him & then we zoomed off & then I met Syaza at the lrt station.
3. School. *skips
4. After sch, ChineseConvo.- Noise, more noise & yea more noise.
5. Met Syawal after ChineseConvo.
6. Syaza, Syawal & I walked all the way to BP in the ran.
7. This car nearly splashed water on us.-Cool.
8. We to BPP, headed for the toilet, did something with our wet & crazy hair.
9. Crapped some more & sent SyazaSyg to bus stop.
10. Syawal headed back his way & I headed back home my way.
11. Ma called, Pa decided to go to BT to eat instead.
12. Went down the lift. Met dearest Syawal again! Yet he didn't see me. PFFT.
13. EAT.
14. Home.
15.Blogging :D

Short & Simple ain't it? Haha.
-Zomg. I'll be meeting & crapping with Syawal abt today tmrw.
Gonna be very stupid & merepek, fo'shoooo!

These people don't seem to be online.
My crappy buddies are all asleep Hoho.

Oh Bye!


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