Tuesday, February 17, 2009

59, :)

I know, I still have the cheek to update.

Today met Syawal at the lrt station. Then we talked about before we went home.
Ape je. Lain kali straight forward je lahh.. Susah btol lh kau nih. Hahaha
Told him to tag along with Syaza & I... & he did, finally!

School.. *skips.
Oh ya, I slept for 20min in Physics.
Goshies. & that I did not realise, seriously.
Cause Mr. Chng didn't come to sch lah & this teacher bore me.

After sch Zaza, Tata & I went to 7-11 to buy drinks.
We were hungry & dehydrated. So, I bought mentos too. Hehe.

Then met Syawal again since he just finished class.
Since he was hungry & I pitied him kn, kasi lh due mentos. ;P

Audition was okay. It not was that bad.
I really hope I get to be in..
I don't mind not getting the part but I hope that some other part awaits me.
God Willing.

Truthfully, this is a very random post.
I just felt like it. :D
bahh, might be going to sch with Syawal again tmrw!
Yessss, you better not be late & you owe me spearmint!


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