Friday, February 20, 2009

61, *laughter.

Hello Readers!

School was kinda as usual.
Met Syaza in the train, sadly I didn't meet Sywl, after that met Alng at the foyer.
Kinda glad that there's actually more talking with me between Alng & HahaKim.
This is what you call, not boring people. Haha.

1st Period was Art.
Art was kinda diff today cause we had to deal with patterns.
Usually, we'll be doing digital art, so yea something new.

2nd Period was Eng.
& k lah, I'm a gd girl today kn?
I didn't use my phone lh kay in class this time :D *pat on the back.
We did a compo which left me crying. Goshhh..
Don't ask why.


3rd Period was Lit.
Mrs Tan was kinda bull. What 3 little pigs lahh..
What? Kindergarten isit? Hahaha.

4th Period was Geo.
We just went through our workbook & then free time.
K lah, I used my phone during Geo. ~.~
& only because it was free time kay. Hehehe *slaps forehead

Mak House.

Left at 2 & was suppose to meet a Alng but then coincidentally bumped onto Hakim. ;P
So ya lah, just walked with him. Talked abt the match & stuffs lahh..
& then finally saw Alang...

Then, they meet their other rugby teammates & I went for my CCA.
Goshh, it was fucken crappy just now. What classical shit lah. Lame sia.
&& I'm so looking forward to Spectrum 4, Insyallah I'll be acting :D


I really hope the Rugby Dudes are doing great(:
WAIT! Just got a msg from Hakim..
Well, Kim just updated me, they lost ):
It was suppose to be their time so shine but sadly..
Obviously I'm not a rugger, but sad ain't it?
If they won this match, they'll be in the finals competing with RI.
Well, just look at the bright side, at least ya'll got into the semi(:
Next year, kay guys. You dudes rockkkkk, fo'sho!
Fana support strong strong kay? haha!


I'm looking forward to the bbq! YAYYYY :D



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