Saturday, February 21, 2009

62, pity pity

Hello Readers!

Well, I was awaken by my watch early in the morning at about 7.
Stupid, I actually woke up. & I was like wth!?? It's a SATURDAY. Haha.
But Ma woke me up at arnd 8 cause we had to go to SP to watch the telematch.

It took us for about 15 min to find the entrance. Gd job! Haha.
Met all other people & yet we got ourselves involved.
Basically to only collect as many balls. Hahaha.

After that went to B. St. supposing to meet Kak Jihan but she wasn't there.
So, I passed the money to her mum. Nice people (:
Oh oh & Kak Ji looks pretty much like her mum. Hehe.

After that we ate at arnd Arab Street.
& then, home.
I tell you, I was already tired & sleepy & i straight away dozed off.
I was awaken by the pitter patters of the rain at about 3.
Ya right, thank you, very helpful. HAH.

I'm rewarding myself now, actually.
I spent hours on Geo & yea hopefully top 5 kns? Heh
I'll be working on His & Phy tmrw. Insyallah.


I got 2smses .
From 2 different people & this happened because of the SAME thing.

Form victim no 1:
Tah la.. I can't walk properly,
Kaki knan da mampos..
Ankle tkle begerak.

Victim no 2:
My jaw saket. Nk telan air ludah pun saket.
Ape lagy, nak mkn atau minum.

I wouldn't reveal their names.
The first sms actually left me laughing.
But ya lah, not funny, serious.
Kn kn kn, orng dh ckp tk nk dngr.
Skrng dh jady cm gini.
You dudes rest je lah kt rumah(:

Oky Byee!


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