Sunday, February 22, 2009

63, random..

Ya, I'm random I know.
I feel like screaming now actually.
Sadly I can't cause it's night time & Pa is at home.
The next thing you know, he'll scream AT me.

Yes! Tmrw is a Monday & I'll be meeting the dudes(!)
1 didn't come to school on Fri.
- Aku tunggu pai lama kau tk dtg2. Klaka pa? Haha.
2 didn't message me today.
-What telah happen? Nvm, besok we go home together2 kay? ;P
3 messaged me & said bye.
- Vry suspicious. Nvm, will meet you tmrw.
&& must wait for me, don't just leave me. Sad siaa):


HA! But I miss Mr. Tinggi vry much):
I didn't see him on Friday. So boring oi, no crapping!
& yes, i owe you a lil something2(:
We walk to sch together2 kay tmrw? Misses.


To You-know-who.
Kau kelaka paa? Kau jln aku tinggal? Haha.
Oh oh, jgn lompat2 nanti roboh. NYAHAHA!
& yes, mau challenge pa? ;P
Dah, gy sleep.


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