Monday, February 23, 2009


Hey Readers!
Besterest mood today(:

Meet Syawal in the morn already, then he left with Irsyad.
I then met Syaza in the train.
Early in the morn & we were crapping like one fit maniac! Hahaha!


Had ChineseConvo which irritated me.
Shit sia today's lesson.
Seriously, if she really only wanted to throw her
tantrum then why bother teach?

So after CC, I met Alng.
I was suppose to hang out with him & then meet Mak&PakCik..
But, he told me last minute, so the plan failed.
Nvm kay, this coming Wed/Thurs. Insyallah.

So, I went home with Syaza & we had Syawal & Irsyad tagging along.
The End. Hah!

Syawal finally got a phone & I'm currently crapping with him.
& yay! Might be going to school with Alang if not then Syawal:D
You dudes rawk(as if)! Nyahaha!
-Zomg. Eng Cmmn Test tmrw. D:



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