Wednesday, February 25, 2009



I fuck have Math & Phy tests tmrw & I still have to cheek to update.
Shucks right?

I don't feel like talking about school.
After sch, I went home with Nabilah.
Supposing to meet Alng but he had Math Lesson.
& have yet message me! What telah happen beb? Hah!

Got home, bath & did Math.
I slept after that and was disturbed by Sywl. Haha!
But ya lah,I don't mind cause he pushes away all boredom. HOHOHO.
He was at my void deck at the 'pondok'.
Most prolly with Irsyad & the friend who lives at the same blk as I do.
& fake kapa? You owe me! Aku ingat, tk pa, maki aku lagy uh! Hahahah!

Thank you to the dudes, I left $2 though I topped up 5days ago.
This is the advantage & disadvantage of using prepaid(: ):
LOOK! The ruggers are having another rugby game nxt week.
& I don't mind waiting for you guys lah but cpt2 cn?
Later I fall asleep I salahkn you people oky? Hehehe.

K da lah shaddup.
I'm currently looking at Mr. Gerek's pics. Haha !
Muke maitain uh! Beyh stone siol. Hahahah!
Besok jumpe kau lagy okay! Kite merepek meraban lagy!


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