Friday, February 27, 2009


I feel happy, kind of, I think.


I was suddenly shot with such questions & sayings.
Yet, I do not understand why.
I feel offended somehow but I don't care.
Live Happy(:


Common Test is finally over!
English, His, Lit was good.
Math was fair good.
Geo I think it was good.
Science, I don't want to talk abt it.
MT, I slack I tell you. I feel so pissed):


These people make me think so hard, it's mind boggling.
Are they just using me or do they really mean everything?
But, it makes me feel good at times & but at times not.
Is it just peer pressure? Or maybe I have yet got used to it?
I know that it's not healthy thinking about it but I can't help it.


The person who never fails to make me laugh & smile, my Mr. Gerek.
This goes out to you & you only(:
I know that I've never expressed it to you before but I really am glad to have you this while. Though my problems are not as bad as yours, I really find you a great help. You push all boredom away & you always make me look at the bright side though you've never said it. The way you put your words, they express all. I'm glad to have you as a friend though I've only known you for 3mnths and I'll never regret, I promise. I may not tell you stuffs at times but it does not mean that I do not trust you. You're one of the most trusted person I know, believe me. I want you to know that I'll be by your side through the good & bad. Even when its hard at times, I still have to stay rooted to the ground. You're a keeper & I shall keep you forever. Thank you for being a great friend. (:

'You've been a missing part that have know been found..
Cause it's like I've known you before..
It's like I've known you years ago..'
Well I don't seem to have the mood to be msging the dudes.
I don't know why. Life's hard.


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