Saturday, February 28, 2009

68, After So Long..

Supppp Readers!
Well, I'll post about yesterday.
28th February 2009.

I woke up at around 7+ and I had no idea why. Weird.
Took long bath & then thought of what I wnted to wear later on.
Well, skip that first alright.
Mama prepared spaghetti ! Delicious no doubt(:

Well, I was in a middle of a crisis on what to wear at first.
Don't blame me, I can be a lil fickle-minded at times. Heh.
At about 5, nearing 6, I met Syaza around bbp went to the bus stop & aboard 960.
We were like these crazy maniacs laughing in the bus.
What terrorist lah, cicakman lah. Funnaye seyh. Haha!
Well, we stopped at Ophir Road & made our way to bussuroh st. where the bbq was held.
Syaza & I were like these gundus. We walked around the alley to find the place when infact it was infront of our very eyes. Haha! Hilarious sia.

Then we met the Lovely Kak Jihan & Kak Janna.
I thought I was late, but I though wrong..
Helped Kak Janna with the food & yeaa..

Soon, our Dearest Faisal Isa aka B'day Boy came along!
We were there to celebrate his b'day & for some listenin' too(:
The cake= delicious! Rugi kalau tk mkn! Hahaaa.

& after waiting for so longgggggggggggggggggggggg..
Our Dearest Dudes, Alyph & Syarif arrived!
Seriously, it has been countless days since I met them & I missed them loads!
We did some bbq.. & the food Kak Ji cooked was delicious. Esp, the nasi goreng.
I met the Cute Little Adil & Aisha! After so long, NOW!

Aisha was like: Adil! That is Kakak's friend! (while pointing at me)
Adil: Where? where? (So hyper & cheeky)
I: Adil, you rmbr me anot?
Adil: No, I don't remeber you.

Alahai, sad nye. Maybe it's because it has been a VERY long time. Hah
But at least, Aisha does! Hehe. We shall meet sometime again oky? Hehe.
Their rents were there too. Well, I only had a short talk with Mdm Maria before they left.
Nice people, very nice people(:

Then, our dudes including Faisal Isa sang for us.
Lyph sang a snippet of - Just the 2 of us. (If im nt wrong)
Rif sang a snippet of - Cun saja
Faisal sang a snippet of - I'm Yours.
I do have the video of all three but I won't post em' now.

After that Q&A.
The album is greatly anticipated.
I wouldn't wanna miss it fo'sho!
It is said to have a total of 13 songs altogether.

& after all that, pictures!
Snapped pics with the dudes, did some chit chats.
Syaza & I planned to pay a visit to Bugis at first..
But it was already 10.30 & pa decided to fetch us):
So, yeaaa.


Even though it was raining, I did have fun no doubt(:
The clan was weak but yeaaa, it was still fun!
Shall drop by any SleeQ events frequently & I'm lookin' forwrd to the upcoming events.
Thank you Kak for everything yesterday & fr making us feel vry welcoming!Much Love To Kak Jihan & Kak Janna:D !


To my Dearest, Cutest Biatch Syaza!
Thank you for agreeing to come along with me! I hope you had a great time yesterday & I hope you find our dudes awww-somee! Thank you for crapping a lot & making me laugh every single minute. We shall go to such SleeQ events together again sometime okay! Syaza, The Gerekest Biatch In The World! Hahaha! Kk, see u in sch tmrw. Lol.

Well, vids & pics will be uploaded tmrw. Insyallah.

Thank you Hakim for staying with me through out 1.30am tht morning. Thank you for caring a lot. I owe you. (:

I have to say that I had an aww-some time yesterday. BYEEEE!


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