Wednesday, March 4, 2009

69, Just like that

Heyy Readers!
How ya'll doin' ?

Today, Syaza & I were late for school.
It was an experience I tell you.
Rude, Nuisance & Funnaye + Vulgarities.

My school has full of retards trust me.
So, some of our Sec 3&4s that were late challenged the sch authority.
I know it's rude but it was darn crappy.
Some went like this:

You try me uh. Lets see abt that.
People like you uh, make the school look bad.
Fuck lah you old man!
You easy uh ride car, we take public transport sia!
We'll see what to do with this old man.
Fuck lah you! You want, do now uh!

Be reminded that ALL these were said by the pupils.
Syaza & I were like kinda having fun listening to em'.
Well, since it was our first time being late, we didn't know what to expect.
Darn retards & crappy people. Haha!

Since I was late, I was late for MT.
They were all doing a test & I finished last. Late mahhh. Haha

I shall skips the parts of my Common Test Papers. Not satisfying enough.
Math was okay. Eng was fun, we watch an awesome vid. His was free P, Cher didn't come.

Oh! I lost my voice.
Not literally lost my voice, it's like I have a sore throat.
I could hardly shout & my voice is squeaky.
& thank you to Shafiq & Nabilah for laughing at me.
Ya'll are custards I tell you. Hahah!


I got home at 7.30 yesterday.
Why? Hehehe.
Abng was on my side. Thank you & thank God!

I have yet received all pics from Syaza.
Will post pics soon okay.

Au Revouir Readers!


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