Thursday, March 5, 2009

71, Confused State.

Hey Readers.

I don't know why but I've been down lately.
I've been upset about some stuffs.
& I've been kinda stressed up abt some stuffs too.

I'm tryna take it steadily but it just cramps back.
I know its never healthy thinking about these stuffs.
I'll change, I promise but I just don't know why..
The only thing I can sense is just being upset & stressed abt it.

I have yet shared anything.. So yea.
I'll try to make it thru' all for now. I'll try(:

The only person who kinda cheered me up today was my Mr. Grk.
I received an sms from him at around 6.45 earlier on.
Thanks btw for everything.
I understand why & hope you understand me too.
Even tho' it was short & was only a glimps, I'm happy.
Idk why, but you're really fun to crap with thats why you make me smile.(:

Even the littlest things you do can make someone happy.
I'm kinda sick actually, but...


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